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Iklektrik have been creating a major buzz over the last few months with their distinctive, dark sound. Their unique style has been filtering through the Northern Ireland underground since the end of 2015 and has begun to emerge in some of the most popular venues across the country. 

Ryan and Isaac have approached the industry from opposite ends of the musical spectrum. Ryan's background has been centred around performing in venues throughout Ireland and Ibiza, while Isaac is a classically trained pianist with extensive experience in production. They originally met by chance but it has been their mutual love for music that has solidified this powerhouse of a partnership. 

An interview for ADE after winning the Demolition Competition 2016

An interview for ADE after winning the Demolition Competition 2016

As with every year, the conference side of ADE rounded up on Saturday night with the Demolition panel, an event where unsigned tracks submitted throughout the week are set up for adjudication amongst a team of celebrity judges.

Irish production duo Iklektrik were claimed winners by Dave Clarke and company, with the track ‘Dusk’, and we caught up with them to find out more about their win.
Why did you pick this track in particular?
 ‘Dusk’ is a tech-house styled track called that we felt best related to the judge's own productions. The decision to use a Nutella branded USB was deliberate, hoping that it would set-up Dave Clarke to make a jab at Eats Everything when they were selecting USBs from the box - which it did.
It’s is a feel good track with a steady build up throughout, with a modern edge. Like all of our tracks we try to tell a story with it so the person listening feels like they are on a journey.
What was the feedback from the judges?
If you had told me before that we would be receiving personal and positive feedback from artists such as Kölsch, Dave Clarke, Eats Everything, Don Diablo, Marcel Fengler and Mason, I would have said you were lying! What stood out for the both of us was that even though Don Diablo is an EDM producer, he still give the track an 8 for its production value and sound, Eats Everything and Mason requested a USB of the track after the competition and the track was the only one out of the rest of them to receive a 9/10 from both Kölsch and Marcel Fengler. 
Did you think you would win, when listening to the other tracks?
If I'm being honest I really didn't expect to win. The quality of the other tracks were at such a high-level, it really is a testament to the quality of talent that's present during ADE. I know our music is good and have 100% confidence in our productions, but when you are sitting in front of the biggest DJs in the world and a room full of the most important people in the dance music industry, that means nothing! I really couldn't fault any of the other tracks; they were all good in their own way.
What releases have you had to date?
Our track 'Chemicals' was our biggest independent release success, but we have done a few remixes as well, but we've had nothing released by any labels...yet! We're hoping that after ADE, the competition and the contacts we have made that this is about to change.
How was the rest of your ADE?
I think we can both agree that it was an incredible experience. We went to ADE with high expectations and a planned schedule of conference and festival events to attend throughout the week. We realistically completed, maybe about 20-30% of our schedule and it still blew our expectations out of the water. Being surrounded by creative individuals and legends of the industry in such a welcoming and positive environment made for such a brilliant week of networking, learning, opportunities and amazing parties! 
What are your next plans?
To catch up on sleep followed by responding to a lot of emails, and then straight back to the studio.